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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) will combine and streamline your communication systems and save you money with plenty of convenient perks that can improve your business’ daily routines!

How It Works

VOIP runs your phone lines and calling features through your internet provider so that you can call, surf, and video chat through one simple, single network. In addition to cutting your communication bills, it also stretches service from a single provider to make them work harder for you. Get more from your internet provider with Balantech’s VOIP Solutions.

Save Money

The consolidation of your communication providers will cut out a number of miscellaneous installation, administration, and service fees right off the bat. Plus, we’ll help you get the best price through bundling deals and VOIP incentive specials. With lightening fast video calls and crystal clear conference calls, you’ll be able to do more work in the comfort of your own office and dramatically cut travel expenses.

Smooth Operations

Keep everyone connected with crystal clear VOIP phone service and enjoy more cohesion in the office. Traditional phone lines have capped limits on the number of office lines that you can use. Now, everyone can hop on multiple VOIP lines to support conference calling and an overall increased level of communication with uninterrupted transmission.

Plenty of Perks

VOIP calling will quickly and easily connect you with anyone, anywhere in the world through unlimited long distance calling. International markets demand this kind of instant connection and your business will thrive with the added accessibility. Also take advantage of caller ID, centralized contact lists, video calling, customized voicemail, and extra numbers with VOIP Solutions from Balantech that serve your business with complimentary perks and more reliable service at lower prices than the phone companies can offer.

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