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Maximize efficiency, save money, personalize with scalability, and simplify your infrastructure with Balantech’s convenient, powerful Virtualization Solutions. We’re dedicated to creating a system for you that runs faster and is easier to operate by utilizing remote server storage in a smart, sophisticated way.

Work Better

Remote storage opens up your systems and provides more flexibility so that everything can think and work faster. By consolidating and transferring your applications, you’ll cut down on the wait times for opening or loading programs and their pages. Shaving seconds and minutes off of your daily activities, you’ll improve productivity and spend more time working and less time waiting.

Save Money

Most businesses are not using their technology in a smart way and are, in turn, overpaying for underused, unneeded IT solutions. We’ll evaluate your needs and shuffle things around so that you’re fully taking advantage of the right storage and server solutions. With everything in its place, you’ll be able to drop the excess expenses and get back to basics. On average, virtualization saves businesses 50% on their overall IT costs!

Server Provisioning

Tracking your IT needs and server usage can be difficult, especially when companies are always aiming for an upsell. Our talented team will carefully explain the details to you and ensure that you’re fully taking advantage of the IT services that you’re paying for. Through careful server provisioning, we’ll help you consolidate and organize everything in a smart way to provide easier, faster access to everything that you need with substantial cuts to your IT bills. With our help, you can utilize up to 80% of every server.

Security Made Easy

Balantech’s Tech Team specializes in security solutions. We’ll quickly secure your network and protect your servers without interrupting your existing system for seamless service that sets you up for long-term success while minimizing important risks.

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