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Smart Support is Balantech’s most popular support option. Simply call, connect, and enjoy sweet resolution! Our friendly, patient Technical Staff are dedicated to solving all of your tech troubles and we encourage you to call any time. You’ll instantly connect with a Balantech professional and we’ll resolve any issues for you, right on your computer screen. Go ahead, fire off all of your trickiest tech questions and we’ll work tirelessly to find answers! On the other hand, no problem is too small. With a dedication to your business and efficiency on every level, we take the time to explain things and offer friendly suggestions to improve how you do business online. Smart, huh?

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What If...

Imagine that you need to send a time sensitive email and technology simply refuses to cooperate! You have the email typed and ready to go but nothing happens when you click send. With a client waiting for a response and the clock ticking away, you pick up the phone and call Balantech’s Smart Support Tech Team. You’re instantly connected and walked through simple troubleshooting steps with a friendly, patient staff member who understands your frustration and is ready to help. The problem still persists so they quickly and securely access your computer remotely and stay on the line with you. Everything is explained as they go, providing insight and advice to acknowledge what the problem is, how it was fixed, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again in the future. You hang up the phone, click send, and get right back on to building your business. Call, Connect, Resolved!

Our process



Call the Balantech support line and you will instantly connect with a first level technical staff member.



Once a Balantech staff member answers your call you will be prompted to allow remote access to your computer in order for Balantech to answer questions or resolve issues.



This part is fairly simple; It’s where we have resolved all issues. A support ticket is then sent to you by email to explain what had gone wrong and how to avoid issues arising thereafter.

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