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Balantech’s New Wesbite!

Balantech’s New Wesbite!

Welcome to Balantech’s brand new website!

We are delighted to launch a brand new, streamlined website for 2015. As you would all agree, our old website was a little “all over the place.”

So why the new website you ask? Simply put, the board has collectively decided to split Balantech into two. Balantech will continue providing services, support, and maintenance for everything technology. Outsite The Box is now a product of Balantech which provides all Creative work (I.e: Websites, logo, Corporate brand management, brand development, etc).

The overall design and functionality of this new website has been streamlined and was the overall goal for a redesign. Site navigation has been improved as well to cater to our client’s needs.

Although our previous website was fairly modern, we decided to follow some industry trends for Technology websites all while putting the official Balantech “touch” to it all. We believe it will benefit both our clients and Balantech in the short, and long run.

What are your thoughts on the new website? Leave your comments below!

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